fredag den 21. december 2007

Merry Christmas

We would like to wish you all a merry Christmas here from Winther's garage, and hope you all may have a nice time these day's.

Visit this link to see the Christmas card we made special for all of you from us:

tirsdag den 11. december 2007

Essen motorshow

Some of my colleagues where at Essen motorshow this year, and brought home some pictures for me, so thought I would share a few cool one's with you, What do you think about this lady coloured split pick-up on air?

mandag den 3. december 2007

Flower girl

I just love this flower 1302, the special thing I like the most about this car, is that it's Annette's own car, and completely like she likes it. We where at Le bug show in Belgium last year, and she drowe all the way down there, and home again, think she just love to drive her car. Then Guller her husband sits on the passenger seat, or in another car, with the camera, but don't think it matters that much for Annette as long as she's behind the steering wheel of her flower car. Looking forward to the 2008 seson, and to go to some car shows with you people, it's always great company to go with you. Wonder where we are going next time?

søndag den 2. december 2007

Christmas meeting vol. 2

Thanks a lot guys for a nice sunday at the garage, it's a nice thing to go to the Angora garage for a Christmas get together, keep that tradition up guys. And thanks to the girls, Søren's sistes for making pancakes, they where great, and Henriette and Line to, for heating them up and making hot mulled wine.

Old days

Got this picture from back in the days, it's taken to Bug Stop skagen, where Thomas G, my brother Stefan and I where at. At that time the 2 others didn't own a aircooled car, so the 3 of us where all driving in my 1959 type 1 together to the Bug stop meet. I think it's from 1998. I owned this car for about 5 years before I sold it to another guy also named Thomas, so it still drives arround here in the city.