mandag den 28. september 2009

SCC 2009

Better late then never, so here is some pictures for you from the great event in Norway Scandinavian Callook classic. It was great to see a lot of cool racing, and how often do you see 4 schwimmwagens in the water at the same time, even though the weather was bad and there where cold at nights, theres no doubt it was worth the long boattrip to Oslo. Thank you boys, for a great weekend.

søndag den 27. september 2009

tirsdag den 22. september 2009

Mikkel's new ride

One beauty more came to town. Our friend Mikkel bought this new build, top nice oval ragtop. It's a super sweet car, think you will see a lot more of this car in the season of 2010. Congratiolation with your new ride, Mikkel here from The Winther's.