torsdag den 31. juli 2008

For Sale

Our friend Mikkel decided to put his Notchback up for sale, think he got other aircooled dreams that he would like to come true. Good luck with the sale Mikkel, it's a sweet ride you got there, and I'm sure the future owner will be super happy for this ride.

For more pictures and info ( Written in Danish) see:
If there's something you would like to know about the car, please feel free to ask.

mandag den 21. juli 2008

Bugs Funny 2008

Well once again we went to Lynge to join Bugs Funny, and Copenhagen Wings did a great job this year to. I must say you have got everything well organized, nothing left out, all was well planned, except for a place to wash car before the show, but think there will be a place for that next year, right Mette. I will not list all the great things about Bugs Funny, because there's a lot to list, but when it comes to bad things I can only think of 2. First: The bar is so nice, that it's very hard to get out of there in decent time, and second. the weather wasn't that great, but im sure it will be a lot more sunny at Bugs Funny #3, so hope to be there again next year 17-19. July 2009 for a great weekend with happy VW people.

torsdag den 17. juli 2008

Home sweet home

This monday the Ghia finally got home from Germany, it have been a very long 1. Mai käfer treffen for the Ghia, 2 and a half month away, who would have thought it would take that long time to get it home. But now it's fixed and here and just need to go to Støvring for a engine ajustment soon. So hopefully it will soon drive like a sweet dream.

tirsdag den 15. juli 2008

5.000 hits

Finally we reach the 5.000 hits, thaks for looking, keep dropping by.

mandag den 14. juli 2008

MIB Summer Meet 2008

The Winther's and our girlfriends went to the Summer meet this weekend, arranged by the VW club in Aalborg. This show was realy great, it was super organized, and took place in some very nice surroundings, this place is perfect for this summer meet to grow. Only sad thing about this weekend was the typical Danish summer, we got a lot of rain, but let's hope the weather will be more sunny next year.

torsdag den 10. juli 2008

New trim

Yesterday I got my new very nice chrome side trim mounted on the cabrio, had some difficulties with dismounting the old set, but with some help from a friend and the right tools it succeded. I'm very pleased with this new set, total straight and glossy.

mandag den 7. juli 2008


Got my Sperrwolf water transfer decal mounted some days ago. My friend friend Peter found them on the web out there in the big world. By my opinion this is a very cool thing, and I've been told that when you back then, bought a Sperrwolf shifter lock, the decal was in the package to mount in your car window. Thanks a lot for your help Peter.