onsdag den 31. december 2008

Happy New Year

From Winther's Garage to all of you, a very happy new year.

onsdag den 24. december 2008

Merry Christmas

We just want to wish you all a lovely Christmas, so from Winther's Garage to all of you merry Christmas.

tirsdag den 23. december 2008

Time maschine

Got into a nostalgic corner the other day. Was surfing the web for old pictures, and found among other oldschool pictures this one from Aarhus from back in the '60s. How cool is it with 2 cabrio's on the same picture from back then. I belive you would have been a cool fellow driving arround with a big smile on the face ,in your cabrio in the '60s. If our cars could tell us stories from their life, I belive that it would be a lot of hours with interesting and funny stories. But on the other hand, they could probably tell us things we wouldn't like to hear about.

søndag den 14. december 2008

onsdag den 10. december 2008

Angora Christmas

This past sunday I went to the land of Angora for some VW christmas spirit. It's become a tradition the yearly garage meeting at the Angora boys here in December. And again this year there were a great spirit and a lot of nice VW talk exchange of goodies. This year there where a guest who have traveled all the way from Holland, it was nice talking to you Niels. Thank you boys and your girls for a great couple of hours in the garage. If you would like to see more pictures from the day, tjeck out www.airmighty.com Niels shot a lot of great pictures.

tirsdag den 25. november 2008

Volksworld show 2009

Once again we are going to Volksworld show at Sandown Park, I have allready orderd the airplane tickets, lucky enough I didn´t booked it at Sterling. So Mikkel and the Winther brothers are flying over there, and are looking alot forward to see the show of 2009 and visit a very god friend of ours. So only thing missing now are the tickets for the show. Hope you're home in Oxford in March Benny.

lørdag den 22. november 2008

Windscreen wipers

The goodies are still out there, a few weeks ago I got myself a set of NOS Delco windscreen wipers for my cabrio. Thanks to my friend Peter, they got delivered direct to my door, because he was gooing for the swapmeet on sjælland, and then carried them home for me, thanks a lot Peter. So when they are mounted on the car soon ready for the next season, I'm sure that we will have a season of 2009 with a lot of sun, when I got a perfect working set of wipers.

mandag den 17. november 2008

torsdag den 13. november 2008

New Links

I've have added a few new links under "Favorit pages" to 2 cool volkswagens blog's. The 6volt outlaws and Rassers Volkswagen blog, make sure to visit these 2 nice sites.

mandag den 10. november 2008

This is cool vol. 3

Okay I have to admit I have some kind off weakness for old coolers, so this friday, the cola cooler collection got twice as big. I was happy friday evening when i got the Pepsi and the alu Coca Cola collers delivered at my door, and the where just as nice as I visualized.

torsdag den 30. oktober 2008

Happy Birthday

This is Peter, you might have seen him before on our blog, he's the lucky owner of at great accessoried 1954 ragtop. He is our accessory guru, Peter knows a lot about it, and about those aircooled cars in general. Happy 30 year birthday Peter, wish you a great day today. Looking forward to go to more VW shows and swap meets with you, it's always a pleasure to go on trips with you.

onsdag den 22. oktober 2008

Moving picture test

This is just a little video test clip of the Ghia driving by, just to see how this blogger video thing works, so if it turns out that it's easy and great working, maybe there will show up some more video later on, your'll never know....

mandag den 20. oktober 2008

Last cruise 2008

Yesterday we put the cars away in the garage, for the winter and all the nasty salt they will put on the road soon. So the fun is over for this year, the fall is here, and it's getting cold and rainfull. A few days before we put the cars away, there was a beautiful sunny weather, so we took the chance to shoot a couple of fall pictures with all the nice colours this time a year brings us. But hopefully there will be some nice times in the garage over the winter, getting the cars ready for the spring.

onsdag den 15. oktober 2008

MIB End of summer

Yes I know, once again we haven't been posting anything for some weeks, and sorry for that. Then at the same time, I can use the chance to thanks the MIB boys for the end of summer get together, it's anice way to end the season. Soon the car will be in the garage away from the frosty Danish winter.

søndag den 28. september 2008

6.000 hits

Thanks for looking

torsdag den 25. september 2008

Home sweet home vol. 2

It has been a sad aircoold summer for our dad, the Ghia haven't been much fun for him standing by the garage, but finaly it is running again, some days ago it got home from the engine people in the northen Jutland, they have done a great job adjusting the engine, I think it´s running better now then ever before, unfortunatly the season for the aircoolers is soon at the end for this year, but then it´s ready for the season of 2009, with Winther senior at the steering wheel.

mandag den 8. september 2008

Automania 2008

It's an event for all types of classic cars, that's taking place here in Silkeborg every year in auguat. There's a market place with vintage cars for sale, and you can drive your own car round on a race track, and lot's of other things. This year vintage Volkswagens and Karmann Ghia where meeting at the local Volkswagen house saturday. But unfortunately I was at the hospital at that time so I was not abel to be there this year. So the only pictures from this year is of this sweet 356 I spotted. If you wanna know more about automania, then tjeck out their web side: http://www.automania.dk/

mandag den 1. september 2008


I'm sorry for not posting for a hvile, but Stefan have been on holiday, and I have been on the hospital, and still is, some days home and some days at the hospital. It's been a long time since the last post, but hope you can forgive us. The picture is from the last time I was driving in the cabrio, but I hope the summer will last long this year, so hopefully it wasn't the last cruise for this year.

mandag den 11. august 2008

Family cruise

Some weeks ago we got visitors here in Silkeborg from far away, some of our family from Canada was in Europe on summer holiday, and part of their Europe tour was here in Denmark. We decided one evening to go for a small guided tour arround in Silkeborg in the "air" cars all of us, to see some of the special places in our town and show them what's new in the past year's among other things the makeover of the old paper factory. So that day i was shooting this picture with all 3 cars. It was great to see you again here in Denmark, hope to see you within the foreseeable future, and who knows hopefully in Canada.

torsdag den 31. juli 2008

For Sale

Our friend Mikkel decided to put his Notchback up for sale, think he got other aircooled dreams that he would like to come true. Good luck with the sale Mikkel, it's a sweet ride you got there, and I'm sure the future owner will be super happy for this ride.

For more pictures and info ( Written in Danish) see:http://vwnettet.dk/forum/topic/426034
If there's something you would like to know about the car, please feel free to ask.

mandag den 21. juli 2008

Bugs Funny 2008

Well once again we went to Lynge to join Bugs Funny, and Copenhagen Wings did a great job this year to. I must say you have got everything well organized, nothing left out, all was well planned, except for a place to wash car before the show, but think there will be a place for that next year, right Mette. I will not list all the great things about Bugs Funny, because there's a lot to list, but when it comes to bad things I can only think of 2. First: The bar is so nice, that it's very hard to get out of there in decent time, and second. the weather wasn't that great, but im sure it will be a lot more sunny at Bugs Funny #3, so hope to be there again next year 17-19. July 2009 for a great weekend with happy VW people.

torsdag den 17. juli 2008

Home sweet home

This monday the Ghia finally got home from Germany, it have been a very long 1. Mai käfer treffen for the Ghia, 2 and a half month away, who would have thought it would take that long time to get it home. But now it's fixed and here and just need to go to Støvring for a engine ajustment soon. So hopefully it will soon drive like a sweet dream.

tirsdag den 15. juli 2008

5.000 hits

Finally we reach the 5.000 hits, thaks for looking, keep dropping by.

mandag den 14. juli 2008

MIB Summer Meet 2008

The Winther's and our girlfriends went to the Summer meet this weekend, arranged by the VW club in Aalborg. This show was realy great, it was super organized, and took place in some very nice surroundings, this place is perfect for this summer meet to grow. Only sad thing about this weekend was the typical Danish summer, we got a lot of rain, but let's hope the weather will be more sunny next year.

torsdag den 10. juli 2008

New trim

Yesterday I got my new very nice chrome side trim mounted on the cabrio, had some difficulties with dismounting the old set, but with some help from a friend and the right tools it succeded. I'm very pleased with this new set, total straight and glossy.

mandag den 7. juli 2008


Got my Sperrwolf water transfer decal mounted some days ago. My friend friend Peter found them on the web out there in the big world. By my opinion this is a very cool thing, and I've been told that when you back then, bought a Sperrwolf shifter lock, the decal was in the package to mount in your car window. Thanks a lot for your help Peter.

mandag den 23. juni 2008

Barndoor boy

Was visiting Kriller the other evening, by a total non VW related occasion. But had to just take a look in the garage anyway. And there it was, Kriller's new ride, a 1954 barndoor panelvan. I'm realy looking forward to follow this project, this is going to be a super cool car I'm sure. And by the way thaks for the supper, tasted great.

fredag den 13. juni 2008

7th Classic car challange

I was at the square today and it's time for the 7th Classic car challange here in Silkeborg today and tomorrow the 13 and 14 of june. You can see a lot more about it here on the link:http://www.dhmc.dk/CCC2007/index.html

torsdag den 12. juni 2008

Drilling time

I was visiting my friend Peter blue hat "plade" the other day. When we had a deal about a meeting Peter and I, he said, if you drive in your cabrio out here, we can do some of the small things on your car, that we have talked about. We called it a deal and I drove in my cabrio for visiting Peter. We had a great evening with VW talk, pizza and ice cold coke, but when it was time for mounting the Robri shoe scraber on the right runningboard, Peter turned to someting twisted between a child and a monster, he was in his own world when he got the drilling machine in the hand, and permission from me to drill in the runningboard. As you can see on the pictures it turned out great, and the shoe scaber got mounted just great, thanks for your help my friend. The pictures was a hard one this time, because on one of them, where Peter become a monster, was to terrifying for this site, so had to leave it out because of the censorship of this site, but if you dare to see it tjek it out on http://vw-bluehats.blogspot.com/2008/06/drilling.html

fredag den 6. juni 2008

National Vintage day

The 5. June have become national vintage day in Denmark, so girlfriend Line and I went for a cruise with 3 other aircoolers, Peter "plade" had talked us into join this event this year. So would just share some pictures, from a great day with vintage cars, with you.

onsdag den 4. juni 2008

Cruise nights

The other evening Stefan and I went for a very small cruise round the city, we where cruisen by our self at the begining, but all in a sudden i heard the sound of the brown Notch behind me. Not much to say about it, other then go cruise boys and girls, the weather is perfect, and the ice cream taste great again this year.

mandag den 26. maj 2008


I have been wundering if there's a special story with these Hagus accessory mirrors? Most cars i've seen drive with the Albert mirror (original or repro) or the original standard one, but you don't see that many with the Hagus mirror. Does any one know the storry of it, which periode it's from and if it was sold as and original accessory for your Volkswagen back then? I would like to know some more about them, so if any one know, pleace let me know as well.