lørdag den 26. januar 2008

Summer crusin'

Hang on guys and girls, even though it's gray and rain full all the time, we are sure the spring and the aircooler cruiser weather will come this year too, but until then, just look at your best cruiser photo and smile.

søndag den 20. januar 2008

2.000 hits

Thanks for dropping by.

onsdag den 16. januar 2008

This is cool vol.2

Peter "plade" and Jens from the John Doe Vee Dubs and I, have been in cruiser music mode for a couple of evenings now, to get ready for the spring and the cruisin to great music. As I mentioned earlier Peter "plade" bought a bad ass small Coca Cola Cooler. And Jens got this super sweet 7UP cooler. We now turned their two coolers and one of my Coca Cola coolers to pure summer cruisin music coolers. So let it be summer and let's go cruisin. The gear for it is ready now, but which number of music is by your opinion the ultimate cruiser song? War with Low rider or The Beach Boys with I Get Around or........?

mandag den 14. januar 2008

Essen motorshow vol. 2

Got a few more pictures for you. Looks like there where some serious cars at the show last year.

tirsdag den 8. januar 2008


This boy got skills. Søren is one of the Angora boys, and he have been the glad owner of some realy sweet rides through the time. At the moment he is in some kind of a split mode with his 2 type 1 splits, one in rat race edition and the other in shinny cruiser edition. Make sure to visit Team Angora Racing's new websit, and tjek out Søren's cars among other cool stuff, I belive this will be a nice forum to follow. The key word about Søren must be "fast" I have never before seen any get things done on a VW, so nicely in that high a tempo as he does, keep up the good work Søren.

Christmas present

Look what I got for Christmas from my girlfriend Line, these 2 super cool foto prints. It's printet out of some pictures I got shooted some time ago, as you can see in an earlier post. It's a part of these 2 foto's, one of the rear light and one of the trip speedometer, that soon will be hanging on the wall in our living room. You can see them on the last picture.

onsdag den 2. januar 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everybody from Winther´s garage we hope that every one will have a great 2008