torsdag den 30. oktober 2008

Happy Birthday

This is Peter, you might have seen him before on our blog, he's the lucky owner of at great accessoried 1954 ragtop. He is our accessory guru, Peter knows a lot about it, and about those aircooled cars in general. Happy 30 year birthday Peter, wish you a great day today. Looking forward to go to more VW shows and swap meets with you, it's always a pleasure to go on trips with you.

onsdag den 22. oktober 2008

Moving picture test

This is just a little video test clip of the Ghia driving by, just to see how this blogger video thing works, so if it turns out that it's easy and great working, maybe there will show up some more video later on, your'll never know....

mandag den 20. oktober 2008

Last cruise 2008

Yesterday we put the cars away in the garage, for the winter and all the nasty salt they will put on the road soon. So the fun is over for this year, the fall is here, and it's getting cold and rainfull. A few days before we put the cars away, there was a beautiful sunny weather, so we took the chance to shoot a couple of fall pictures with all the nice colours this time a year brings us. But hopefully there will be some nice times in the garage over the winter, getting the cars ready for the spring.

onsdag den 15. oktober 2008

MIB End of summer

Yes I know, once again we haven't been posting anything for some weeks, and sorry for that. Then at the same time, I can use the chance to thanks the MIB boys for the end of summer get together, it's anice way to end the season. Soon the car will be in the garage away from the frosty Danish winter.