tirsdag den 28. april 2009

Volksworld show 2009 vol. 3

Ya I know I have not been posting anything for some time, and you have been cheated for some of the pictures from this years Volksworld show, so here's a few for you. Once again it was a great show worth going for. There were a lot of great top class show cars to see this year to.

lørdag den 4. april 2009

9.000 hits

Thanks for dropping by.

torsdag den 2. april 2009

Let there be light.

Got myself a set of Bosch extra lamps, so this season will be a season of new light, think it will look cool for the car, and it will also be nice with some extra light for the dark freeways. Stay tuned on the blog, to see how it looks on the car.