tirsdag den 25. november 2008

Volksworld show 2009

Once again we are going to Volksworld show at Sandown Park, I have allready orderd the airplane tickets, lucky enough I didn´t booked it at Sterling. So Mikkel and the Winther brothers are flying over there, and are looking alot forward to see the show of 2009 and visit a very god friend of ours. So only thing missing now are the tickets for the show. Hope you're home in Oxford in March Benny.

lørdag den 22. november 2008

Windscreen wipers

The goodies are still out there, a few weeks ago I got myself a set of NOS Delco windscreen wipers for my cabrio. Thanks to my friend Peter, they got delivered direct to my door, because he was gooing for the swapmeet on sjælland, and then carried them home for me, thanks a lot Peter. So when they are mounted on the car soon ready for the next season, I'm sure that we will have a season of 2009 with a lot of sun, when I got a perfect working set of wipers.

mandag den 17. november 2008

torsdag den 13. november 2008

New Links

I've have added a few new links under "Favorit pages" to 2 cool volkswagens blog's. The 6volt outlaws and Rassers Volkswagen blog, make sure to visit these 2 nice sites.

mandag den 10. november 2008

This is cool vol. 3

Okay I have to admit I have some kind off weakness for old coolers, so this friday, the cola cooler collection got twice as big. I was happy friday evening when i got the Pepsi and the alu Coca Cola collers delivered at my door, and the where just as nice as I visualized.