fredag den 29. februar 2008

New rims

For about a week ago we got tyres on the new rims for the Ghia. Then for a moment the sun was shining, so we had to put them on to see how it looks and how it fits. Think it works very well for the car, and we are very contented about the way it looks on brand new gasburners.

1. Mai 2008 vol. 2

Still looking forward to it, a lot indeed. Though it's hard to belive, when you look out the window on the rain, that in 2 months we will be in Hannover for cruiser madness, the day before 1. Mai käfertreffen.

tirsdag den 19. februar 2008


Found a disc with old pictures of some of the first cars my brother and I have owend, so I got a bit nostalgic and thought I would share it with you. Actual it's a bit funny the first aircooler on license plates for both of us where a 1959 type 1. Stefan have been the owner of this brown one, before he bought the Ghia and the Notchback, and I was summer cruisen for 5 years in the black and red one before i bought the cabrio.

fredag den 15. februar 2008

Nice site

If you're in for some cool cars and nice photoshoots of them. Then tjeck out theres a lot of top dollar pictures, of almost all types of cars. Among all water and air cooled cars there are also a few Danish one's.

tirsdag den 5. februar 2008

The Garage

Finally a little something happend in the garage, we got the cars moved arround a bit, and got the Notch up from the ground and ready to make brakes. so as I started we got a little something made.

fredag den 1. februar 2008

1. Mai 2008

Look at the date today, in 3 months we will be in Hannover to 1. Mai käfer treffen. can't wait to go.