torsdag den 29. november 2007

Christmas meeting

Make sure to go to the Christmas meeting at the Angora garage this Sunday the 2. of December. For more info visit:
See you there.

onsdag den 28. november 2007

1.000 hits

Thanks a lot for dropping by, keep them hits comming boys and girls.

søndag den 25. november 2007

This is cool

Or coolers, Peter "accessorie guru" Nielsen, was dropping by for some evening dinner and some VW talk. He brought his "new" nice small Coca Cola cooler with him, so we just took a picture with mine 2 coolers, think it's some kind of cool?

torsdag den 22. november 2007

Mrs. High & Miss low

A couple of weeks ago I was helping Thomas Gissel putting his Razor away for the winter, it's now parked in his garage side by side with her sister, his 1960 bug. The day we put it away we was talking about the difference in the height of the 2 cars, a standard high bug and a lowered Razor, think it's not just a little difference.

mandag den 19. november 2007

Razor Pick-up

This saturday I was with Gustav T. at the panelbeaters workshop to pick-up his "new" Razor. It have been half a year with wondering about, and missing, the car, but I think the people that have give the car it's life back, have done a great job. Congrads with having your "new" car back Gustav, and thanks for lunch.

lørdag den 17. november 2007

Accessorie Guru

This is Peter "plade", he owns this very sweet 1954 ragtop bug, which has been Peter's for a lot of years, and hopefully it will still be for a long long time. I belive you can say that this car is more then just a car it's a part of Peter and none of them will work very well without each other I think. "Pladen" have this special ability to collect accessories, and not only accessories but all the right stuff for the car, and the year it was build. It's no wunder he's the leader of the accessorie sect. Make sure to take a look at this car, the next time you have a chance for it, it's realy something special.

torsdag den 15. november 2007

Beauty is back

Finaly it's back in to very good shape again, nice to see the red beauty got it's show car life back. Think it will be a long vinter, waiting to the spring time now. Looking forward to go crusing with you again next seson Gustav.

onsdag den 14. november 2007

Farmer New Beetle

I have never seen a New Beetle like this before, but yesterday i did, at Windfeld Exclusive cars in Silkeborg where it's up for sale. Maybe it's more special, then pretty, but if you buy it you will be the only one in Denmark with a farmer New beetle. What do you think about it?

mandag den 12. november 2007

Christmas lunch

I was in the JohnDooVeeDubs club this weekend, for the Christmas party this year, funny stuff always happens out there when theres a party. Thanks guy's for a great saturday evening. Make sure to visit their site, see the link in favorit pages.

fredag den 9. november 2007

Mr. "Bil Ting"

This is Mikkel "bil ting" from Silkeborg, he is the lucky owner of this super sweet silver notchback. My brother (Bette Winther), Mikkel and I went on a one day trip to Sweeden to buy the notch for Mikkel, it was one funny trip, and as you can see on the picture he was happy on the way home to. Since then Mikkel have done a lot with the car, and with a very nice result I think. He is not afraid to try something extreme with the car, some liked the big chrome rims, some don't, but next season I belive it will go on fuch's rims.

torsdag den 8. november 2007

New book

This is my new cool book from 1961 with accessories from that time for your Volkswagen, think it's very nice, with a matching pricelist. How about a complete Hazet tool kit for 16 Euro, but ya i know i was a lot of money back in 1961, but any way.

mandag den 5. november 2007

Picture Shooting

For some weeks ago, I was on the harbour in Aarhus with Kenneth Nielsen who loves his photo gear, he would like to test some new gear he just bought, so we drove down there to shoot some pictures, sadly the rain was falling all evening, but i think it turned out pretty good any way. Here a few sambels from that evening, hope you like them?

lørdag den 3. november 2007

Swapmeet investment

I went to swapmeet Herning, with Peter and Jens today, thanks for a nice day guys. I was dropping by this cool type 34 toy ghia, but 100 Euro is also some price don't you think? So the only investment for me was this nice book about Volkswagen bus.