onsdag den 31. december 2008

Happy New Year

From Winther's Garage to all of you, a very happy new year.

onsdag den 24. december 2008

Merry Christmas

We just want to wish you all a lovely Christmas, so from Winther's Garage to all of you merry Christmas.

tirsdag den 23. december 2008

Time maschine

Got into a nostalgic corner the other day. Was surfing the web for old pictures, and found among other oldschool pictures this one from Aarhus from back in the '60s. How cool is it with 2 cabrio's on the same picture from back then. I belive you would have been a cool fellow driving arround with a big smile on the face ,in your cabrio in the '60s. If our cars could tell us stories from their life, I belive that it would be a lot of hours with interesting and funny stories. But on the other hand, they could probably tell us things we wouldn't like to hear about.

søndag den 14. december 2008

onsdag den 10. december 2008

Angora Christmas

This past sunday I went to the land of Angora for some VW christmas spirit. It's become a tradition the yearly garage meeting at the Angora boys here in December. And again this year there were a great spirit and a lot of nice VW talk exchange of goodies. This year there where a guest who have traveled all the way from Holland, it was nice talking to you Niels. Thank you boys and your girls for a great couple of hours in the garage. If you would like to see more pictures from the day, tjeck out www.airmighty.com Niels shot a lot of great pictures.