tirsdag den 29. april 2008

First drive this year

I'm sorry for not posting for some time now, but been busy with other things then the computer. But finaly last Thursday we got both the cars out in the sunlight, and we drove a small trip in the cabrio for the first time this year, man it felt great. So we almost ready for a new season now, just have to do a few things today and we will be ready to go to Hanover tomorrow.

fredag den 11. april 2008

New Book vol. 2

I got myself this new Haynes Volkswagen Transporter book that just got published March 2008, think it's very nice, and more then a bit cool to see a Danish car in it. So now I'm considering start reading, I have to admit that I'm better at bying the book, and looking at all the pictures, then sitting stil under the blancket with a box of Werther´s original and just reading and realaxing with a great Volkswagen book.

lørdag den 5. april 2008

Volksworld show 2008

Last weekend mikkel( you know him from a earlier post, it's him with the sweet silver notchback) my brother and I, got ourself a weekend trip to England to visit our friend Benny who lives in Oxford, and then, we got the opportunity to see the Volksworld show at the same time. So saturday we drove down to see the show. The weather was great, at least to start with, the mood was high, and we where ready to see some cool cars, and I can sure teel we did. There where about 100 nice show cars inside, and maybe twice as many outside, not all top dollar show cars, but most of them very nice anyway. So I thought i would share a few with you. I'm sure it's not the last time we're going to the Volksworld show.

onsdag den 2. april 2008


Make sure you don't miss Peter Plade's new super cool site, mostly about cool original stuff like vintage volkswagens, rare parts and accesorries, from back in the old days. So if you're in to old VW relatede stuff, pay the site a visit then, you won't regret it. You can find the link to the bluehats site here under favorite pages.

tirsdag den 1. april 2008

1. Mai 2008 vol. 3

Only one more month to get the cars ready, and then of to Hannover. Can't wait to go.