lørdag den 17. november 2007

Accessorie Guru

This is Peter "plade", he owns this very sweet 1954 ragtop bug, which has been Peter's for a lot of years, and hopefully it will still be for a long long time. I belive you can say that this car is more then just a car it's a part of Peter and none of them will work very well without each other I think. "Pladen" have this special ability to collect accessories, and not only accessories but all the right stuff for the car, and the year it was build. It's no wunder he's the leader of the accessorie sect. Make sure to take a look at this car, the next time you have a chance for it, it's realy something special.

2 kommentarer:

Gustav_t sagde ...

Peter has really learned me to appreciate the absolute weirdness of many of the old accesories. I admire his ability to wait till the right deal comes along and the gift of getting something to be complete and the envy of everyone. For years he shouted Judson when he was naked and drunk. Now I believe the right outburst is PETRI!

Winther sagde ...

Peter, or Petri which I belive is his real name, I do think Peter just is some kind of a undercover name, he is a master of spotting accesories at the right time to a fair price.