onsdag den 16. januar 2008

This is cool vol.2

Peter "plade" and Jens from the John Doe Vee Dubs and I, have been in cruiser music mode for a couple of evenings now, to get ready for the spring and the cruisin to great music. As I mentioned earlier Peter "plade" bought a bad ass small Coca Cola Cooler. And Jens got this super sweet 7UP cooler. We now turned their two coolers and one of my Coca Cola coolers to pure summer cruisin music coolers. So let it be summer and let's go cruisin. The gear for it is ready now, but which number of music is by your opinion the ultimate cruiser song? War with Low rider or The Beach Boys with I Get Around or........?

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guldborg.adamsen sagde ...
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guldborg.adamsen sagde ...

Jeg mener, at det bedste musik blev lavet i 80'erne.
Der er masser af god cruise-musik iblandt.
Nogle af os cruised jo i Gustavs bus i SPA sidste gang til Abba :-)
Men "I was made of loving you" med Kiss er også et rigtig godt bud.