torsdag den 15. maj 2008

1. Mai 2008 vol.4

First of all congratulations to all the other trophy winners in Hannover this year, 6 Danish winning cars, by my opinion great to see that lot of Danish cars doing fine at a show like this. My brother and I was lucky enough to be among the winners this year. Unfortunately we had to leave the Ghia at the first gas station in Germany, the engine didn't sound so well becaurse of a bad valve. But hope it soon will be running again. Thanks a lot to Gustav and Norbert for taking car of a place to sleep, it was once again super. The trip back home went very well, with Peter, jens and "Dorit" in front, setting the speed back home to little Denmark. We had a great trip, except of the Ghia breakdown, but with a lot of nice cars, great mood and fantastic burgers so thanks a lot boys for a couple of super days.