torsdag den 12. juni 2008

Drilling time

I was visiting my friend Peter blue hat "plade" the other day. When we had a deal about a meeting Peter and I, he said, if you drive in your cabrio out here, we can do some of the small things on your car, that we have talked about. We called it a deal and I drove in my cabrio for visiting Peter. We had a great evening with VW talk, pizza and ice cold coke, but when it was time for mounting the Robri shoe scraber on the right runningboard, Peter turned to someting twisted between a child and a monster, he was in his own world when he got the drilling machine in the hand, and permission from me to drill in the runningboard. As you can see on the pictures it turned out great, and the shoe scaber got mounted just great, thanks for your help my friend. The pictures was a hard one this time, because on one of them, where Peter become a monster, was to terrifying for this site, so had to leave it out because of the censorship of this site, but if you dare to see it tjek it out on

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