mandag den 21. juli 2008

Bugs Funny 2008

Well once again we went to Lynge to join Bugs Funny, and Copenhagen Wings did a great job this year to. I must say you have got everything well organized, nothing left out, all was well planned, except for a place to wash car before the show, but think there will be a place for that next year, right Mette. I will not list all the great things about Bugs Funny, because there's a lot to list, but when it comes to bad things I can only think of 2. First: The bar is so nice, that it's very hard to get out of there in decent time, and second. the weather wasn't that great, but im sure it will be a lot more sunny at Bugs Funny #3, so hope to be there again next year 17-19. July 2009 for a great weekend with happy VW people.

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