tirsdag den 6. oktober 2009

New car at Winther's garage

Yes it finally happend, I got myself a 1965 11 window splitbus. I've been dreaming about a car like this for several years now, and now the dream came true, I'm now the lucky owner of this lowered beauty. I will not write a lot about the car, think the pictures will tell a lot more then I can do.

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Anonym sagde ...

Looks like a nice addition! Do you still have the car? I have always been interested in the Westfalia version - probably not as cool looking... Hope everyone is well say hello

P. in Canada

Goodtimes sagde ...

Hello friend.
First, congratulations on the excellent work on your blog.
I live in Brazil, and I'm in love with air-cooled cars and recently purchased a VW SP2 1975, very rare, even here in Brazil. I have a blog where I show the process of restoring my SP2, plus videos, photos and curiosities about the car.
I wonder if you can create a link on his blog, link to me, I'll do it with pleasure.
The address is: http://vwsp2classico.blogspot.com
Sorry an error of grammar, but I'm using Google translator.
Thank you very much.
Luciano Pinheiro.